11 tips for a stronger erection

Are you not completely satisfied with your sexual pleasure? Do not worry, you’re not all alone. Research has shown that erectile dysfunction (which is often referred to as “ED”) is very common in men who are 40 or less.

ED can be caused by many causes. Sometimes, it’s psychological. Sometimes, it’s the result of physical ailments like excessive blood pressure, or lower levels of hormones. Fortunately, getting rid of ED and improving your sexual quality can be achieved with the use of natural methods.

Below, we’ve provided 11 scientifically-based strategies for getting stronger and more secure sexual erections. If you’re a young man struggling with performance anxiety or an older man looking to boost your post-dark performance, following these tips can result in noticeable improvements.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s start with the first step to improve your erection performance by maintaining your body weight and composition in check.

Keep Your Weight Under Control

Body weight excess is strongly associated with erectile dysfunction. A study from 2014 suggests that those who have a BMI between 25 and 30 (considered “overweight” by the NHI) are at risk of having an 1.5x higher risk of developing Erectile dysfunction.

If you increase your BMI to the 30+ range , and the risk of having a sexual problem is three times greater than it is for a man who has an ideal body weight.

Simply simply put, being overweight or overweight can have a significant negative effect on your sexual health. In reality overweight is more closely linked to ED than ageing. To ensure that you get the best quality erection it is recommended to maintain an appropriate, healthy body weight by a healthy diet and exercising.

Stay on Top of Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure levels aren’t just an issue for health, it could also pose an extremely risk to your sexual erections. People who have elevated blood pressure have a higher chance to suffer problems with blood flow that can cause a decrease in sexual performance and less secure, weaker erections.

While high blood pressure is associated with overweight, you can be more hyper-intense than normal blood pressure when you’re not obese. If your diet is too high in sodium, or you aren’t active enough it’s possible that you may have high blood pressure or even prehypertension.

Fortunately, this is simple to test. A quick visit to the doctor will provide you with an understanding of the level of your blood pressure throughout the day and simple changes to your lifestyle such as exercising more or eating less salt could aid in getting your blood pressure in check.

Avoid Alcohol, Except in Moderation

From a cold drink or glasses of vino, having excessive amounts of liquor can cause a significant negative impact on your sexual health. The effects are also proportional research has shown that the more alcohol you consume the more likely you will experience sexual dysfunction.

Alcohol can alter your erections from many perspectives. In the short-term it can reduce your mood and can cause temporary insanity. In the long run it could lower the testosterone levels in your body and cause you a less sex-driven sexual drive as well as recurring issues with performance.

The answer is easy to drink alcohol only in moderation or stay clear of drinking alcohol completely. Reducing your alcohol intake is an excellent way to combat ED in the short and long-term and is an effective way to avoid getting up at night with a bad hangover.

Use ED Medication Responsibly

However, not all instances of ED can be addressed with methods and remedies that are natural. For many men the most effective method to manage erectile dysfunction and achieve stronger, more effective erections is to use prescription medications prescribed by a doctor such as sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardena.

The drugs work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis’s soft tissue which makes it easier to maintain and develop an erection. For those who suffer from performance anxiety they may make getting an erection a lot simpler. For those who suffer from physically ED issues, these are usually vital to maintain an active sexual life.

The majority of ED medications need a prescription, which means you’ll have to speak to your doctor regarding this procedure. Solutions like Menscript have made it easy to get a prescription. Online consultations and prescriptions are available that are quick and easy onboarding process for patients in both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Limit Your Porn Consumption

While the study’s data aren’t extensive Some doctors believe that watching a lot of porn — a practice that has become more prevalent due to the proliferation of streaming sites for porncan lead to an increase in the risk of ED among young males.

The current research on porn-related ED is still in the beginning, which means there’s no definitive conclusions to draw. If you’re a frequent user of porn, reducing the amount of porn you consume could be a great method to boost your actual sexual performance.

Quit Smoking

Alongside smoking, obesity is among of the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men who are younger than 40. It’s a good thing that it’s a reverse one. Studies have shown that quitting smoking can lead to significant improvements in the quality of erections and decreases the signs of ED.

Include the benefits of cardiovascular cutting down on smoking into the equation. cutting down on smoking (or preferably, stopping smoking completely) is among the most effective ways to enhance your erections and have better results at bed.

Train Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pelvic floor muscles are accountable for everything from stopping urinary incontinence to aiding you in sexual activity and are as important to train like your pecs and delts, back and arms.

This guide on ED exercises will explain the role the pelvic floor muscles can play in the prevention of Erectile dysfunction. We’ll also provide an easy exercise routine that you can do to build your pelvic floor muscles within a couple of minutes each day.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep disorders are tightly linked to erection issues that range from a decreased desire to have sex, and erectile dysfunction.

In a study from 2015 the researchers discovered that those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS) had a higher chance to be lower in the score in the International Index of Erectile Function questionnaire (IIEF) test than those who had normal, healthy sleeping habits.

If sleep apnea were treated with the CPAP machine, the subjects’ IIEF score improved, suggesting quality of sleep could be a factor in the sexual performance of males.

Check Your Testosterone Level

As the main male sex hormone testosterone is the hormone the main reason for all aspects of sexual desire, including certain aspects of masculine sexuality. While low testosterone (or “Low T”) is a relatively rare reason for ED however, it has been linked to a lower sexual performance of males in a few studies.

The low testosterone level is also related to a lower physical performance, mood disorders and a myriad of other signs, which is why it’s vital to keep track of the levels of testosterone as you grow older.

If you’re off the low end the doctor will be in a position to suggest the best method to bring it back to a healthy level, starting with lifestyle and diet changes to supplements or medications.

Feeling Stressed? Take it Easy

Are you feeling like you can’t perform in the bathroom? There are many reasons why sexual issues are physical. For many males, life or work-related anxiety and stress can make having a sex experience more difficult than it usually could be.

A number of studies on erectile dysfunction show the possibility of a link with stress relief and better sexual performance. One of these studies is the latest study from 2014. The study found that men who participated in an exercise to lessen stress experienced a significant improvement in their erectile function scores.

If work is dragging you down and is affecting the sexual quality of your life, taking a moment to unwind could be just what you need to boost your confidence — and also your physical performancegetting back to the bed.

Stay Active, Healthy and Fit

One of the most effective ways to have more powerful erections and have better performances in sexual activity is to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Numerous studies have shown improvements in sexual performance for those who exercise and live an active lifestyle, compared to those who lead an inactive, sedentary lifestyle.

In a 2013 study, those who lifted weights and performed interval training using an ergometer showed an increase in the quality of their erection within six months. Another study shows a rise in sexual performance perception for men who exercise and increase self-confidence in sexual performance.

In essence, regular exercise will not only improve your overall health and quality of life, it can enhance your sexual performance and confidence, as well as the quality of your erection.

If you’d like to be in contact with a physician to determine whether ED medication is suitable for you, you can test MenScript Online Doctor’s services and schedule a consultation free of charge.